Diabetic Yeast Infection Treatment in Men and Women

Diabetic yeast infection treatment

This is a simple remedy for treating and getting rid of diabetic yeast infection, male or female yeast infection caused by diabetes

Yeast infection is one of the first symptoms of diabetes as it indicates that the immune system is not working correctly and it has been weakened.

Often the man or the woman will experience a rash in the genital area, around the backside or between the legs. Diabetic yeast infection can also appear as a rash under the arms or other moist areas of the skin, including the folds of the eyelids and even behind the ears and sometimes between the fingers or toes.

My Personal Diabetic Yeast Infection Treatment Story

I personally was suffering from a rash between my legs and around my anus for many months. I tried treating it with my own brand, a very powerful yeast infection remedy. Whilst this helped to relieve the symptoms, the yeast infection kept coming back, which indicated to me something more serious was going on

However like most people with diabetic yeast infection, I ignored these early symptoms of diabetes, until with the other symptoms like dizziness, blurred vision, feeling sick, that I was unable to ignore them any longer. I had tests to confirm that I had diabetes and very high blood sugar levels, this explained my diabetic yeast infection.

My Bba1c level was well over 100, in fact it was 116.

Anybody with a Hba1c level above 45 is classed as definitely diabetic.

I decided to treat my diabetes using my knowledge of the human body my knowledge of homoeopathy, and my knowledge of herbal medicine.

It is obvious that diabetes exists within the digestive system. It is not in your head, it is not in your chest and it is not in your legs. So the source of diabetes is in the digestive system. So I set about treating my yeast infection,  my diabetic yeast infection, in the digestive system

diabetic yeast infection treatment – 3 step approach

I treated it with a 3 step approach. I first devised a homoeopathic and herbal remedy to treat not only diabetic yeast infection but to get rid of diabetes completely.

This combination blend of homoeopathy and herbalism, similar to ayurvedic diabetic medicine,  is extremely powerful diabetic yeast infection treatment.

I took one teaspoon twice a day.

This was enough to stimulate my digestive system into healing itself.

The second Step was to physically ‘crush’ my pancreas into physically stimulating it to heal itself.

This is done by a simple exercise involving raising of the knees. This can be done by anybody either in a standing position, a sitting position or a lying down position. Your pancreas will be stimulated and along with the herbal remedy and a homoeopathic remedy it will begin to heal itself and your blood sugar levels will reduce.

The third step and the final step is more of a common sense step.

It is simply to reduce the amount of sugar you have been putting in your mouth. This will include sugary foods like cookies, like biscuits, like candies, like sugary drinks, like Coca-Cola Pepsi and all that kind of thing.

The combination of the herbal remedy, the simple knee exercise and the reduction of intake of carbohydrates will dramatically reduce your blood sugar, get rid of your yeast infection within a month.  It will also reduce all the other symptoms of diabetes.

This new diabetic yeast infection treatment, this new type 2 diabetes treatment (in fact it treats type 1 diabetes also) is available now, for more information click the link below.

How to Treat Diabetic Yeast Infection in Men and Women