Skin Conditions


It is important that you understand that your skin is an organ of your excretory system.

So just like your bladder and your bowels, your skin is designed to expel toxins from the body.

This is usually done by shedding excess skin cells and fluids through the sweat glands.

The toxins have to get out of the body somehow for your body to remain healthy.


Emma Williams

If things go ‘wrong’ on the inside of your body, then this can often be reflected on the outside of the body, as a rash or other type of skin eruption.

Whether you are suffering from some kind of rash, boil, dermatitis or other skin eruption – the chances are that your Doctor will have given you a medication to ‘suppress’ the condition. This means that the medication will stop the toxins from being expelled from your body in that area. The toxins will go back into the body, the toxicity levels build up, and then the toxins will try and find another way out.

So if you do have a rash, dermatitis, boils, psoriasis, eczema or other skin condition, it would be ideal if you could get your body to heal itself and reduce the rash all at the same time.

This is what the remedies do that Joe Johnson has designed. They stimulate your body into healing itself, so that your excretory system is back to normal and your skin condition will go away.

You are unique, so the amount of time it takes to completely get rid of your condition cannot be guaranteed with 100% accuracy. But the sooner you begin to heal your skin and the sooner you get the toxins out of your body the better.

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