Common Cold Treatment in Homeopathy

Who Else Wants To Get Rid Of a
Common Cold – IN JUST A FEW DAYS –
Without  Dangerous Drugs?

Common Cold Treatment in Homeopathy
Are you looking for Common Cold Treatment in Homeopathy? Now you can finally feel your head cold and fever vanish – your snotty nose dry up – clear your lungs of the lousy wheezing congestion – and get your energy back – thanks to an herbal remedy that was discovered in the twenty year old notes of a student Doctor!

It is so powerful that you can actually feel your nasal passages ‘open up’ the first time you use it. This brilliant new breakthrough by a ‘herbalist geek’ – reveals a breathtakingly simple and superfast way for you to instantly destroy the bacteria, yeast, moulds which are the TRIGGER FOR THE COLD VIRUS that is giving you your painful common cold symptoms.

The headaches, the fever, the runny nose, the coughing, wheezing, the terrible exhaustion – and sleepless nights – and that relentless stuffy head – with a blend of natural herbs that has been ignored by the medical community for over 20 years – until now!

But hey – don’t believe me… because you can check it out for yourself…

From: Emma Williams

Well, the scientific community has finally started to wake up.

Took them long enough. I mean, you can only waste your time on projects like landing men on mars and baldness for so long, before you have to pay attention to something really serious, like finding a cure for Common Cold Treatment in Homeopathy.

Emma Williams – Editor
Common Cold Treatment in Homeopathy

Don’t be fooled by the stuff you read about viruses. The common cold virus lives on you 365 days a year, it’s only a few weeks of the year that the common cold virus causes havoc in your body.

Science has been trying to find ways to kill the virus – when it’s just not necessary. All they need to do is find out what causes it to cause havoc for those few weeks?

What triggered it? Find that out – and there lies the answer to the common cold.

Thanks to the work of a single maverick herbalist called Joe Johnson – your common cold problems are over.

And I have got to tell you – you will be astonished and overjoyed at what this ‘herbal geek’ has discovered. Because if you are suffering from common cold or whatever fancy name they are calling your infection – it simply means that you can now be symptom free – in just days – without even trying.

In fact… if you inhale the vapours from these herbs for just 30 seconds – I can guarantee that it will begin to kill the bacteria, yeast and moulds that triggered your cold virus – which means that your common cold symptoms will simply ‘go away’ – usually in just a few days.

That’s right. This lone ‘geek herbalist’ figured out that ‘science’ was looking in the wrong direction.

Forget the Cold Virus.
Simply Kill Off the Other
Parasites That Are Weakening Your Immune
System – and the cold goes away on its own

And without all the useless over-the-counter nonsense, without decongestants, without steroids – and without potentially toxic antibiotics.

And without expensive, painful surgery or potentially toxic antibiotics.

You will soon feel a different confidence.

You’ll just go from your current ‘I just wish this cold would go away’ or ‘I hope I don’t need a Doctor’, to ‘Wow, my cold is gone and I feel great!’ confidence.

  1. Confidence because you can feel your head and nose becoming clear – free from mucous and stuffiness.
  2. Confidence because you have your energy back again.
  3. And confidence because you are free forever from the foul tasting, foul smelling mucous congestion and runny nose.

There is a cure for the common cold and I bought it six months ago. I use it twice a week and neither I nor my husband, we are both in our seventies, have had a cold since.

Olivia S – West Jordan

December 24, 2014

Common Cold Treatment in Homeopathy

Because You Now Possess the POWER to Get Rid of
ALL Your Common Cold Symptoms

(This power is a simple, easy and PROVEN remedy. And I don’t care how long you have had your cold – or how damaged your nasal passages are. This remedy works on all people – young and old. That’s the beauty of this new discovery!)

WARNING: This remedy packs a wallop. Use it with caution – and it is for adults only. (OK, maybe your teenager could use it, but you MUST supervise them – this stuff is STRONG.)

Here’s what it’s all about: Joe Johnson, Health Practitioner, Herbalist, father of 4 – has been doggedly helping people with natural remedies for over twenty years. His desire to help and heal people has meant that every few years, he has literally taken off around the world – seeking out new herbs, new remedies – herbs will actually heal people. I have listened to his amazing adventures – (that’s why I call him Indiana Jones) – but I have also been awe struck by the remedies that he has discovered.

But the remedy for common cold symptoms had eluded Joe for years. He knew that antibiotics didn’t work, (in fact they often weaken your immune system, making your common cold problems worse in the long run.)

Here is what Joe says about your cold symptoms:

“I dislike the words ‘Common Cold’ – as if it is some minor ailment. It’s not, it’s serious – and now, thank God, it can be treated.

Almost all common cold problems are caused by bacteria, yeast or mold breeding in your sinuses, throat or lungs.

This is because your head, throat and lungs are the perfect breeding ground.

It is warm, moist and dark, there is plenty of food – you are BACTERIA PARADISE!

Normally your immune system will keep the bacteria or yeast under control. But if you have been stressed, maybe overworked or let your diet slip a bit – then your immune system becomes slightly weaker – and that is enough for the bacteria to get a grip in your system.

Joe Johnson

Common Cold Treatment in Homeopathy

Once you become infected with bacteria and yeast – your weak immune system may trigger the cold virus to multiply.If so, you now have a ‘common cold’. Your head and nasal passages can become infected or inflamed. Your body will attempt to ‘flood out’ the parasites by releasing large quantities of mucous – sometimes called snot.

If your nose and sinuses have become too inflamed or swollen – the extra mucous can be really bad news for you – you will be continually blowing your nose, coughing, trying to shift the stuff – often giving you extreme pain or stuffed or bunged up feelings.

You can have headaches – puffy eyes – blocked ears – pains in your chest – sore throat – runny nose – the misery goes on and on. You may have a foul taste in your mouth or experience bad breath.

You can suffer so much that you need time off work, your sex life suffers, you lose your libido – whatever your symptoms – you are at risk of suffering from extreme stress and even depression.

To make things even worse. If you use antibiotics to kill the bacteria around your sinuses or lungs (antibiotics are very powerful, very strong chemicals)– you have to swallow them – which mean that the whole of your immune system will now be shocked and weakened further by the powerful antibiotic drugs.

This is Why Antibiotics Appear to Work for a Week
or Two – Then Your Common Cold Comes Back
Worse Than Ever Before!

So I was desperate to find a way of stopping common cold symptoms – without harming the immune system. I have seen so many people lose their health to repeated common colds – even after six or seven rounds of drugs, like anti-histamines, nasal sprays, decongestants, steroids, antibiotics – some even became depressed. It was tragic.

  • Plus – I know what it is like to have common cold year after year.
  • I know what it’s like to feel the throbbing in my head.
  • The sudden snot pouring out my nose in public.
  • I know what it’s like to feel too exhausted to walk.
  • I know what it’s like to make excuses so that I don’t have to make love to my partner.
  • I know what it’s like to be embarrassed by the string quartet of wheezing in my chest…
  • I know what it’s like to lie in bed and think, ‘Maybe this is it? Maybe I can’t face going to work anymore…’
  • I know the misery, the fear, the loneliness and the pain of the ‘common cold’.

That was why I did my research. 

You see, human beings with common cold problems have been around for tens of thousands of years – pharmaceutical companies have been around about 100 years – and they don’t want you to know what your ancestors knew – so my first step is always to go back into history.

After a lot of reading – (and I don’t mean the usual herbal books – I mean the books that are mostly kept hidden away by rich collectors – ancient books, bound in brown leather, clasps of tarnished brass) – or books that ‘science’ believes are not worth looking at – like research by medical students…

One medical student had tested – in a laboratory – under the strictest laboratory conditions – large numbers of herbs to see which ones were the most powerful at killing the bacteria, yeast and moulds that live in the lungs and sinus passages – that trigger the common cold.

She experimented with 40 herbs – but her research had found

that killed the bacteria, yeast and
moulds – that TRIGGER the cold virus– ON
In fact, just the vapours from these
herbs were enough to kill 94% of the parasites
within one hour.

She meticulously reproduced the experiment over and over again – and not once did it fail.

This trainee Doctor had found the herbal remedy that could relieve the pain and suffering of millions of common cold sufferers – then like a ‘good’ student, she left her research into natural medicines to gather dust in the university library – whilst she went off into the world of prescription drugs, patents and big profits. Her research lay forgotten and undisturbed – until I found it.

Working with volunteers, friends, family and colleagues, I was quickly able to test it again and again. And, not once – I repeat, NOT ONCE DID IT FAIL! The health of every single person improved – some immediately and dramatically. I was stunned.

Of course I had heard of these herbs before – I have used them many times – but I had no idea that the three herbs combined had such a powerful natural antibiotic effect on the common cold.

It was up to me to come up with a fast, easy and safe way of using these three herbs to make a common cold remedy that was practical – fast, simple and easy to use.

I was not really sure I understood what you said about the viruses being all over me already, that my immune system was just a little weak.

Anyway, I bought your remedy on the strength of your guarantee. I am so glad I did. I normally have 2 or 3 colds a winter. Now I have NONE and my family have NONE. You are an amazing guy.

Ronnie D – Miami Gardens

December 24, 2014

Most Natural Remedies for Common Cold, Chest or
Nasal Infection Do Nothing At All

Most natural remedies for chest or nasal infection are nothing more than a mild antiseptic with a menthol or eucalyptus aroma, they sometimes help a little, but for painful chest and nasal infections, headaches, fevers and serious mucous congestion, they really don’t work – they are just not strong enough. 

I expected my research to last 6-12 months – but I had a 100% PROVEN remedy in 6 weeks.

I wanted to test it for longer – but my conscience wouldn’t let me – because every single client with common cold was cured – sometimes within just a few days. 
Often the painful headache, snotty nose or fever stopped IMMEDIATELY

This remedy – which now consists of the three powerful natural antibiotics – in an organic and simple-to-use form – has been PROVEN to cure common cold symptoms – because it kills the bacteria and yeast that trigger the cold virus – ON CONTACT.

I planned to launch the remedy – called Common Cold Doctor – with advertising, fancy packaging and sending it out through my small network of distributors – but I never got the chance.

Herbalists and Homeopaths Came to My Practice and Literally
Demanded I Make It for Them

Word spread quickly about the results I was getting with Common Cold Doctor – patients and herbalists came to my practice and literally demanded I make it for them.

But it is not so simple.

You see, herbs are like cars – there are good ones and there are bad ones.

I tested a lot of different herbs – and the only organic, high quality herbs which CONSISTENTLY stopped common cold symptoms came from the Middle East or Somalia….
Can you imagine how hard it is to import a shipment from the Middle East or Somalia? Anyone would think I was importing guns! To say my ingredient supply is fragile is a massive understatement….

Right now I have enough for three batches. I make each batch by hand myself. I measure, weigh and mix the ingredients myself. I blend the ingredients myself. So do not worry about that, the Common Cold Doctor remedies I make are of the highest quality.

I have handed two of the batches over to my trusted friend Emma Williams. Emma will look after you – but if you have any questions about common cold infection or the remedy, you can write to me personally, at any time.”

Best Wishes
Joe Johnson – Herbalist

I was put off by the price of your remedy, but after your Customer Care Manager explained that the mixture would be handmade and that I could have a refund if it didn’t work, then I had nothing to lose. It arrived in the mail and have got to say THE REMEDY IS BRILLIANT! Thank you so much!

Thomas G – Santa Rosa

April 8, 2015

Joe Johnson really did figure it out.
Common Cold Treatment in Homeopathy

You are not going to see this remedy used or even talked about in your Doctors surgery.

After all, medications for the common cold are a multi-billion dollar industry – they are not going to give that up and hand over to you an inexpensive and proven natural remedy, are they?

The implications of this remedy really scares the pants off most Doctors and drug companies – because it means that you can now treat your own common cold – without relying on their expensive and often ineffective ‘expertise’.

Common Cold Treatment in Homeopathy

Common Cold Doctor Will Stop Your Cold Fast –
and get your old smile back again – FAST

It is this simple.

 You can instantly stop common cold symptoms, headache, fever, shaking, weakness, coughing, runny nose and congestion and sinus pains yourself – simply follow the easy-to-follow instructions that I give you (you can either watch the free video instructions or read the simple written instructions) – and the Common Cold Doctor remedy will kill the parasites in your body – it is that easy.

 Skip months or even years of expensive and painful visits to the Doctor. (In two minutes, breathing the vapours from these highly concentrated herbal extracts – you will begin to get rid of your common cold symptoms – it is that easy)

 A very simple way to stop common cold symptoms overnight (using an astonishingly powerful blend of herbs – ignored – or even unknown – by 99% of herbalists)

Move like Lightning Through the 3 Stages of
Common Cold Healing

  1. From painful headaches, runny nose and exhaustion
  2. To ‘no longer sniffling’ in less than 48 hours
  3. To ‘my cold has gone!’ – in less than three or four days

(You’ll be breathing deeply and clearly into your nose and lungs before you know it – and no more sniffling!)

 Use this 100% PROVEN blend of antibiotic herbs – one so powerful that just the vapours kill 94% of bacteria, yeast and moulds – INSTANTLY! (It’s the amazing that these herbs have saved many people.)

How the hell can they say there is no cure for a cold? I had a cold, I tried your remedy and all my symptoms vanished? Are you a billionaire on this? You should be!

Anne B – Fairfield

December 24, 2014

Take the Common Cold Doctor 3 Day Mirror Test

After using the Common Cold Doctor remedy for just 3 times

 You can FEEL your runny nose beginning to CLEAR

 You can FEEL that your feverVANISHING

 You can begin to feel your ENERGY RETURNING Common cold is not just about a few symptoms – it effects your whole life – you need your ENERGY BACK – antibiotics or over the counter drugs will not get you your energy back.

You will be able to SEE your eyes, nose and face looking healthier

Unlike Many Drugs – Common Cold Doctor Has
No Terrible Side Effects

Do you ever have

  • Itchy backside
  • Itchy genitals
  • Blurred vision
  • Hearing difficulties
  • Feelings of exhaustion
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Headaches
  • There are many, many more of these side effects
  • Etc etc etc

These are all common side effects of taking medication for common cold!

That’s right. Drugs that are used for common colds will weaken your whole immune system, often causing you to feel exhausted AND you get a yeast infection – (that is a fungus that will instantly breed wherever it is warm and moist on your body.)

The Common Cold Doctor remedy is applied to your nose, throat, lungs and sinuses only – it is 100% organic – and will not cause you to have a yeast, candida or thrush infection – IT HAS NO SIDE EFFECTS

No More Bad Breath

If you have a common cold, it can be tricky when you are in company or when you want to get ‘close’ to someone. The embarrassing drip of snot from your nose, the sing-song of your wheezing chest and the pockets of snotty sodden tissue paper…. The Common Cold Doctor remedy kills off the bacteria in your sinuses, throat and lungs – your immune system will recover and KICK OUT THE COLD VIRUS IN NO TIME AT ALL.


 Common Cold Doctor remedy contains a small amount of a pleasant tasting highly concentrated plant extract to give you instant fresh breath – so you can socialize with confidence – all day – and all night long.

 This breakthrough remedy is made from concentrated, laboratory extracted plant extracts – which means that you do not have to prepare any of the herbs – they are ready to use – and you only have to use a tiny amount.

Here’s what we’ve got for you: I spoke to Joe on the phone recently and arranged to meet him after a New Natural Remedies lecture he gave in London, England. Joe knows me, he knows our site and he knows we have many readers who need helping.

I inhaled the remedy once and I thought if my cold doesn’t kill me – then this remedy will. Wow, it is strong! But it works!!! I was back at work 48 hours later. Amazing!

D Derbyshire - Billings

December 24, 2014

Joe Currently Has Only Enough Ingredients To Make
Three Batches

He is keeping one batch for his own clients and he has agreed to commit the other two batches of Common Cold Doctor to our readers only.

This is your chance to a GUARANTEED supply of Common Cold Doctor.

And Common Cold Doctor is SO EASY TO USE.

All you do is follow the simple instructions – 3x a day – and once at bedtime – that is it.

Common Cold Doctor will give you instant relief – and will stop your pain and congestion problem within a few days – at most.

Don’t believe me? Fine.

You don’t have to.

Because you don’t risk a penny trying this remedy for yourself.

Because you have a:

Just order your Common cold Doctor remedy now – and take your time trying the Common Cold Doctor remedy for yourself. The remedy works in days – but you can take 3 months if you like. In fact…

You Have a Complete 90 Day Unconditional

100% Money Back Guarantee

 If you are not convinced that what Joe has for you is the most powerful Common Cold remedy ever discovered – and that your cure will happen quickly and without effort…. then I insist that you send the Common Cold Doctor back to me, (in any condition), and I will personally make sure that you get a fast, full refund of every penny you paid for the remedy.

 No questions asked, and no hassles. Your word is gold around here.

Why am I being so generous? You know I love this remedy and I love helping people with their health – but what I also love is getting one over on the Doctors who think they know so much. (If they did, your common cold problem would be cured by now…)

It’s just immensely gratifying to me that our little company, Health Products Business, consistently proves the medical “experts” wrong. And all we do is find 100% natural products, like Common Cold Doctor, that really work – a product like Common Cold Doctor which is an honest, proven and up-till-now virtually secret remedy for great health.

And if you have ever dreamed of getting your old smile back… yes, you smiling with clear, unblocked sinuses, pain-free, no cold symptoms… then you are going to be over the moon with the Common Cold Doctor remedy.

Here’s what to do right now, simply click on the link below:
Common Cold Treatment in Homeopathy

My staff will scramble to get your remedy to you as fast as possible.

What we will send you is a remedy that will bring instant relief to your lungs – and more long term lung health than you ever dared to dream about.

Your Cold Will Get An ‘Avalanche of Healing’

Joe calls using the Common Cold Doctor like an ‘Avalanche of Healing’ for a very good reason – the way the drops of Common Cold Doctor floods your sinuses and nasal cavities with hard hitting healing herbs – it’s like experiencing an avalanche around your head.

Lord, this remedy packs a wallop. You will suddenly FEEL your symptoms improving. Within a few hours of using it – you will KNOW you are getting better.

You Must Hurry However. Joe Normally Only Gives
This Remedy to His Personal Clients

He has never committed a single batch of Common Cold Doctor to anyone else before. We were very careful not to let the other herbalists or online stores know what we were up to till we had the stock.

Now we have it, it is going faster than even we imagined.

It works! I have had colds every month, all winter long, for over 70 years. I sent for this last fall and haven't had a cold yet this winter and it is now April. Thanks

Carroll H – New Orleans

December 24, 2014

If you mess around, and order late, you may miss out.

Don’t let that happen.

This is big, for anyone with a common cold symptoms, (headaches, congestion, sinus pressure, coughing,)… if you truly want to get rid of your cold – and get rid of it FAST – this remedy will instantly give you the power and ability to heal your own cold – before it is too late.

The result will be you having strong, hard, healthy body – WITH NO COLD, NO PAIN AND NO MUCOUS.

And isn’t that what great health is all about?

Joe normally charges his client’s $200 for an appointment plus $170 for the remedy.

Because you do not have to have an appointment with Joe to get it (and appointments with Joe are very hard to get).

Joe Has Agreed to Give You a 50% DISCOUNT on
the Common Cold Doctor Remedy

This means that you can get your Common Cold Doctor remedy
for just $87 + $5 Shipping

This means that YOU WILL SAVE OVER $280!

(PLUS: Joe is kindly donating to each of our readers an ADDITIONAL GIFT OF FREE BONUS HEALTH BOOKS – value $127 – to the FIRST 100 who try the Common Cold Doctor remedy – see book details below. These bonuses alone are worth more than the cost of the remedy. Thank you Joe)

This is the first time – and maybe the last time – this Common Cold infection remedy has ever been sold for less than $170.

$87 is less than the price of a course of useless – even dangerous – antibiotics.

It is less than the price of a visit to the Doctor.

And it is certainly less than the price of surgery – which you may need if you don’t get your cold sorted fast.

Order right now – whilst you are still on this page

Here’s what to do right now, simply click on the link below:
Common Cold Treatment in Homeopathy

My staff will scramble to get your remedy to you as fast as possible.

Order right now – whilst you are still on this page.

And remember, you don’t risk a penny.


Emma Williams

PSWe asked Joe if he could offer some kind of bonus for you – to make it easier for you to decide to get the remedy today. He has kindly offered THREE HEALTH E-BOOKS from his Alternative Health Library.


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This e-book alone is worth MORE than the price of the remedy

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‘How to Be an Athlete – no matter how old or sick you feel right now!’ This 62 page book is going to take you gently back to health – making sure that your unseen needs are met

  1. Physical needs
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Joe has been exceptionally generous here – these books alone are worth more than the cost of the remedy.

These added bonus eBooks are a real health goldmine – and they are yours to keep for FREE – even if you later decide to return the Common Cold Doctor remedy – just for trying the remedy.

You are going to love having NO PAIN and NO MUCOUS again – and feeling happier – you are going to smile, breathe and move with more energy from now on.

PPS: Warning: Joe asked that I give away only 100 FREE copies of these books.

So it’s first come – first served. And the remedies are going fast.

So you had better order now.

You can now naturally and dramatically heal your cold – without drugs.

Simply follow the simple instructions.

It is that easy.

Common Cold Treatment in Homeopathy

My Doc just said I was getting old and he prescribed me some painkillers. They made me feel sick and high as a kite. Your remedy really worked amazingly well. It may have taken a little longer to work than drugs but I get the feeling that my body is healing itself. Please pass on my gratitude to Mr Johnson.

Kelly H – Irvine

April 8, 2015

Please remember, we only have 2 batches of Common Cold Doctor – when they are gone – that’s it – sorry, they are gone. To avoid disappointment, place your order today. And remember, you don’t risk a penny.


Natural 100% Pure Organic Ingredients

The ingredients in this remedy are 100% pure, natural herbal extracts.

This remedy does not contain any drugs or other artificial chemicals.

They have been specially selected and sourced for their ability to reduce symptoms and their ability to heal. The ingredients of this remedy are Thymus Serpyllum, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum and Syzygium aromaticum.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We do not recommend internal use of herbs without prior consultation with your doctor or herbalist.

Do not use if you are pregnant.