Respiratory Conditions


The drugs that the Doctors use to treat your bronchitis or coughing or sinus problem will inevitably WEAKEN your immune system.

Which means your painful condition will come back over and over again.

But you can stop that happening, without any effort on your part.


Emma Williams

The usual first drug of choice for a sinus, bronchial or lung infection is antibiotics. These drugs do tend to get rid of the infection, least they do the first time you use them.

But what is often ignored is this. Antibiotics are powerful chemicals and when you use them they can shock or weaken your immune system. Which leaves you wide open to another infection in the very near future – and so it goes. People with respiratory infections often have an infection once, twice or even three times a year.

What they may need to do is to allow their immune system to recuperate and get stronger, which will help prevent future sinus, lung and chest infections.

The remedies we recommend for respiratory infections all work very well. But we recommend that once you have got rid of your infection, that you use the remedy once a week to help prevent reinfection and to give your immune system time to build up its strength again.

Do you want to breathe more easily? Do you want to be free from infection and pain? Of course you do. Well I can really help you.

But first let’s just spend two minutes getting a better understanding of your condition, so that we can better fight it and get rid of it. There are generally two types of respiratory or breathing conditions, they are known as acute and chronic.

Acute means short term, chronic means long term.

The acute illnesses tend to be things like coughing, sinus infection, sinusitis, post nasal drip, rhinitis and bronchial infection.

However, unless these conditions are treated correctly and with care, these acute respiratory conditions can all become chronic, life changing conditions.

If you are suffering from a respiratory condition, it can be painful, confusing or even frightening. But it doesn’t need to be. Because there is a lot that you can do to reduce the pain and actually stimulate your body into healing itself.

Even chronic conditions like emphysema, (also called COPD), bronchitis, coughing, sinus problems and nasal problems can  all be improved with herbal remedies.

Have a look at the list of respiratory illnesses on the right hand side of this page. Click on the link for the condition you are interested in to find out more about healing your infection and breathing more easily again.