My Story

A lot of people ask me how I got interested in alternative medicine.Well, I have to tell you it was not through choice, I was shocked into it. You see, I am now in my forties, but during my twenties I was suffering from Crohn’s Disease . And it felt like my life was slipping away from me.If you don’t know, Crohn’s Disease is a terrible condition.
how to stop crohns disease

I had Crohns Disease and IBS

My symptoms then were uncontrolled and often severe weight loss, my skin had a grey appearance, I had a lot of pain in my guts – but by far the worst symptom was frequent and totally uncontrolled bowel movements. I literally did not know when I was going to have a bowel movement. Can you imagine how embarrassing that was? I would be driving to work and have to turn round, go home and change myself.

Crohn’s affected every aspect of my life. My employer understood, in that they tolerated my frequent days off. But as for a pay rise or promotion? Forget it. My social life and love life were both non-existent because I just couldn’t get out the house without a diaper on. This was not how a young woman in her early twenties wanted to live!

I was so fed up.
No, I was depressed.

I think my Crohn’s was just as much of a mental problem as a physical problem. I knew or felt that something in my nervous system was triggering my guts to behave the way they did, but I just couldn’t find it. I tried to break the cycle with anxiety medication, depression medication, meditation techniques, reiki, vitamins and minerals… but nothing seemed to help very much.

Doctors assured me that surgery would help me.
So in 1994, I had 26” of my small intestine removed.

helioectomy scar

avoidable scar and surgery

The operation was called a hemicholectomy, also called a bowel section. The surgeon removed the diseased part of my bowel. I have found a photo of the scar left after a hemicholectomy, so you can see, this was a big operation.

After the operation, things improved quite a bit. But I was still plagued with bowel problems. ‘Rapid transit’, ‘slow transit’, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). The Docs gave me quite a few drugs which I was now almost obliged to take. After all, I let them chop two foot of my bowels out, so I would be crazy not to take the drugs…?


As far as I can remember, (because I no longer take the drugs), they gave me co-phenotrope (lomatil) for slow transit, mebeverine hydrochloride (Colefac) for the IBS and cholestramine resin (Questran) for the ‘dumping syndrome’, which was caused by bile going into my guts.
They also gave me vitamin B12 injections to avoid irreversible anaemia, because the length of bowel they removed was responsible for B12 absorption.


Whilst the condition was reasonably under control, (the Docs words, not mine), I had occasional blips were I would have severe stomach upsets with frequent and unpredictable bowel movements – again…. And this went on for twenty years. Me filling myself with drugs on a daily basis, me still having occasional time off work, and yes, me still soiling myself.


About four years ago, I was going through a bad time with my bowels, constantly having to run to the toilet. Then a friend of mine had asked me to go to with her to a public lecture on alternative medicine. I agreed to go with her, as long as I was near the toilet…
The guy on the stage was called Joe Johnson and he gave a fascinating talk about herbal remedies and how effective they can be.


At the end, he was taking questions from the audience. Some guy asked him what he recommended for Crohn’s Disease and IBS. Joe rhymed off the names of a few herbs and moved onto the next question. I wanted to know more, so I waited for him to come off the stage at the end of the night. I explained to Joe my situation, and whilst he said he did not sell the Crohn’s Disease/IBS formula to the public, he took my details and agreed to send it to me in the post.


Three days later I received the remedy from Joe. It looked like a dark powder. I read the instructions whilst sat on the toilet, with terrible cramping pains, so to say this was good timing is an understatement.

I took two teaspoons in water.

Stops My Crones Disease and IBS

Stops My Crones Disease and IBS

The cramping pains and rapid bowel movements were gone in two hours.

I didn’t believe it.

I was waiting for the explosive bowel movements, the cramps, the nervous churning in my guts.

Nothing happened.

I was so grateful, I was so relieved, I felt so many emotions – but above all else, I wanted to find out more about alternative health remedies. And so I began a journey of studying, meeting new people, new ideas, I even changed my job and now promote natural remedies online.

Four years later, I now take one teaspoon of Joe’s remedy first thing in the morning, that’s it – and no drugs.

Joe calls it a maintenance dose.
I call it a bloody miracle.