Foot Cramps Homeopathic Remedy

Foot Cramps Homeopathic Remedy

Who Else Wants To Reduce Foot Cramps Pain- Naturally?

Now you can finally feel your foot muscles getting clear of foot cramps – so you can move easily and pain-free all day – and sleep foot-cramp-free all night long – thanks to an herbal remedy that was discovered in a 200 year old apothecary book that lay hidden in the south of France!

Doctors say that there is no ‘cure’ for foot cramp pain; you just have good days and bad days

But what if you could have good days, very good days and even fantastic days?
You would love that – wouldn’t you? Of course you would!

Now you really can dramatically reduce – or even get rid of your cramp pain altogether.

But hey – don’t believe me… because you can check it out for yourself…

From: Emma Williams

Well, the scientific community has finally started to wake up.

Took them long enough. I mean, you can only waste your time on projects like landing men on mars and baldness for so long, before you have to pay attention to something really serious, like finding a cure to that Foot Cramps pain.

Emma Williams – Editor

Foot Cramps Homeopathic Remedy 

Here’s what it’s all about: Joe Johnson, Health Practitioner, Herbalist, father of 4 – has been doggedly helping people with natural remedies for over twenty years. His desire to help and heal people has meant that every few years, he has literally taken off around the world – seeking out new herbs, new remedies – herbs will actually heal people. I have listened to his amazing adventures – (that’s why I call him Indiana Jones) – but I have also been awe struck by the remedies that he has discovered.

When Joe’s friend, Andy, was first diagnosed with muscle cramps, Joe suggested that Andy remained hydrated and took enough sea salt in his diet. But when Andy’s cramps persisted and started affecting his sleep and other activities in the bedroom, Joe decided to focus and research to make things easier for Andy, but he knew the solution was going to be hard to find.

Joe was an experienced herbalist and researcher and he knew a remedy for chronic cramp problems had eluded him.

 He knew that muscle relaxants helped in the short term – but caused all kinds of problems long term.

 He knew that anti-inflammatories caused all kinds of side effects, (in fact they often weaken your immune system, making your foot cramp problems worse in the long run, not to mention other problems.)

 He knew that exercise and stretching helped, but some found in practical as well as painful.

 He knew that ice packs helped but were often impractical.

So, with all that in mind, Joe began his research to help his friend with their cramp problem – he simply wanted him to be in less pain – get a good night sleep, and not have cramp at inappropriate times…

Most Foot Cramps Homeopathic Remedies Simply Did Nothing Much At All

Joe had felt bad about Andy’s worsening cramp problem – but he knew that whilst most cramp drug treatments from the Doctor were dangerous – even toxic – he also knew that most herbal remedies for cramp problems simply did nothing much at all – they did little to reduce the pain – and nothing when it came to reducing how often the cramp occurred.

The more he thought about ‘muscle cramps’, and ‘muscle spasms’, he knew the issue was an electrical problem within the nerves and muscle tissue. He knew that some believed ‘muscle cramps’ were caused by a build-up of toxins within muscle tissue, but he just couldn’t quite figure a remedy, until a piece of good fortune.

After Only 3 Months Research He Dramatically Made a Breakthrough in Foot Cramps Homeopathic Remedy  That Reduced His Friend’s Foot Cramp Pain – and Helped Him Overcome His Muscle Cramps

It was when the Doctors suggested that Andy begin a course of well-known muscle relaxants that Joe felt enough was enough – he again took it on himself to research and discover an herbal remedy that simply reduced his friend’s foot cramps – and reduce his pain, and reduce his anxiety worrying about when the next cramp would happen.

However this time his research was to take Joe where he had never looked before. And after only three months of intensive, emotionally driven research – he did it!

Foot Cramps Homeopathic Remedy

A Unique Blend of Homeopathy an Natural Herbs That Has Been Ignored by the Medical Community for Over 100 Years – Until Now!

The remedy is so powerful that people who use it – young and old – say they can actually feel their muscles ‘loosen up’ – that they experience noticeably less foot cramps – even after just a few times of using it. This brilliant new breakthrough by this ‘herbalist geek’ – reveals a breathtakingly simple and superfast way for you to instantly reduce the pain in your muscles – with a blend of natural herbs that has been ignored by the medical community for over 100 years – until now!

He has discovered a remedy that will reduce your foot cramp pain – And I have got to tell you – you will be astonished and overjoyed at what ‘Joe’ has discovered. Because if you are suffering from foot cramps – or whatever fancy name they are calling your cramp problem – it simply means that you can now be confident and noticeably decrease your foot cramp pain – without even trying.

In fact… you simply massage this concentrated clear blend of the four organic plant extracts onto those muscles that usually cramp up – and your cramping muscles become naturally more relaxed and pain free- they will begin to heal.


 Quite simply – the gentle healing and invigorating effects of these plant extracts will strengthen your healing mechanism – in no time at all you will experience less foot cramp pain – and find the muscles in your feet relaxing-pain free.

 This remedy will boost your confidence in yourself. You’ll just go from your current ‘I just hope I don’t get that sudden searing pain’ or ‘I hope I don’t need to leap about in agony’ to ‘Wow, I can feel my foot muscles relaxing in less pain!’ confidence!

 Confidence because you can feel your foot muscles behaving differently

 Confidence because you can move more easily

 And confidence because you can at last do something yourself to improve      your own health and overcome that foot cramp!

Foot Cramps Homeopathic Remedy
Less Foot Cramp – Less Anxiety – Less Foot Pain


(This power is a simple, easy and PROVEN remedy. And it doesn’t matter how long you have been suffering with a muscle cramp problem. This remedy will work on both young and old. That’s the beauty of this new discovery!

Here is what Joe Johnson says about foot cramp problems:

The problem with foot cramp pain is that it is not just about shocking and sudden muscle pain.

It is about so much more.

You can lose your confidence, your anxiety levels rise– after all- if you can’t rely on your feet – what can you rely on?

Not only can’t you do the things people take for granted, such as having a good night sleep, without worrying whether you will be woken up in the grip of searing muscle pain, but your state of mind can become effected.

Your relationships suffer – as you have to focus inwards and devote more of your attention to watching out for the first signs of foot cramping pain – and simply trying to stay in control.

Joe Johnson
Foot Cramps Homeopathic Remedy

Your friendships suffer, your social life suffers, your sex life suffers, you lose your libido – whatever your symptoms – on top of the cramping pain – you are at risk of suffering from stress and even depression.

If you use anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the muscle cramping (anti-inflammatory drugs are very powerful, very strong chemicals)– you have to swallow them – which mean that the whole of your immune system will now be shocked and weakened further by the powerful anti-inflammatory drugs.

I am an actor, working on stage and how embarrassing to be on stage then have a foot cramp! Everyone laughed except me and the Director. Thank God for your lovely remedy, I tell all my friends about your remedies.

Angela B – Sioux Falls

March 10, 2015

This is why anti-inflammatory drugs appear to work for a week or two – then your foot cramp pain comes back worse than ever before!

I have seen so many people lose their health and quality of life to cramp problems – even after six or seven rounds of anti-inflammatories.

Sitting with Andy, I began to appreciate the misery, the fear, the embarrassment, and impact on his life, all due to his foot cramps problems. That was why I did my research.

Drug Companies Do Not Want You to See This Foot Cramps Homeopathic Remedy 


You see, people with muscle cramp problems have been around for tens of thousands of years – drug companies have been around about 100 years – and they don’t want you to know what your ancestors knew – so my first step is always to go back into history.

After a lot of reading – (and I don’t mean the usual herbal books – I mean the books that are mostly kept hidden away by rich collectors, private libraries, specialist reference libraries – ancient books, bound in brown leather, clasps of tarnished brass) – or books that ‘science’ believes are not worth looking at – books written by people who have zero qualifications – but who lived in the wilds of nature – all their lives – and who have had remedies passed down from one generation to the next generation……

A 200 Year Old Book Held The Remedy For Healing Foot Cramp Pain

I came across one such remedy for ‘Cramping of the feet’ and ‘Muscle cramping pain in the foot’- in a ramshackle bookshop that lay just behind the harbour in the port of Antibes, in southern France. The book was over 200 years old. My French isn’t that good, but fortunately, most botanical books are written in Latin. And whilst my Latin is poor, I knew enough to recognize the plants names.

But I was puzzled.

There were several interesting remedies in that book, but this one remedy stood out. The remedy I found was for ‘muscle cramping foot pain’ yet the plants I read about, I had never considered for use for muscle cramp problems….

I took note of the types of plants used, where they are best found, the ratio of mixture, the preparation and anything else I could think of that might help me to make this remedy.

At The Time I Placed Little Hope on This Foot Cramps Homeopathic Remedy. After All, it Didn’t Make Sense – Least Not to The Understanding I Had Back Then

A week later I was back home, working at my bench. I only had tiny amounts of the exact plant extracts – (new supplies, if needed, would need to come from the Middle East) – but I had enough to test if the remedy worked or not.

I mixed, blended and prepared the herbal extracts. It looked like a clear liquid, and it smelled very subtle, like a finely fragrant spice or flower. I mixed just a small amount – just a few fluid ounces – enough to try on my friend, Andy. I took it round to his home.

He was sat watching the TV and openly discussed the problems and embarrassment caused through his muscle cramps. I explained what I had and in no time at all, he was taking his socks off, and massaging a few drops of the remedy onto the muscles of his foot, the one that usually caused him night time agonizing cramps.

The oily drops spread easily and evenly across his skin. The silky liquid was quickly absorbed. We looked at each other – our eyes said it all – I guess we would have to wait and see.

This ‘Trick’ From an Old Irish Healer Multiplies the Healing in Your Body

I told Andy to apply the remedy three times a day – plus once at bed time. I then told him to apply just a few drops of the remedy to the soles of his feet at bedtime – that was an old trick I learned from an Irish healer – the soles of the feet would rapidly absorb the remedy into your system. 

With Andy’s puzzled face at the widow, I waved him good night and drove off. I called Andy early the next day but there was no answer. Two days later I was seeing clients and there had been a message left on my answering machine – it was from Andy asking me to ring him.

He asked me, had I got another bottle for ‘Mary’, his neighbour? As he was telling Mary how ‘good’ the remedy is…

I was smiling, perplexed, interested and excited – all at the same time.

I drove round to Andy’s house and got him to tell me exactly what he meant by ‘good’. He told me that on the first night whilst he noticed the beginning of a cramp his foot did not go into full blown cramp, and he was able to stop it. The second night he had no problems at all.

Well, Andy was happy, I was happy – and within 8 hours, Mary was happy too.

Not Once Did the Remedy Fail To Reduce Pain From Foot Cramps

Working with volunteers, friends, family and colleagues, I was quickly able to test it again and again. And, not once – I repeat, NOT ONCE DID IT FAIL TO REDUCE PAIN FROM FOOT CRAMPS.

The painful symptoms of every single person improved – some a little – but some immediately and some dramatically. I was stunned. Of course I had heard of these herbs before – I have used them many times – but I had no idea that the four herbs combined had such a powerful natural healing effect on painful cramps.

If I was to make enough of this remedy for clients – (and for other herbalists who ask me for help) – it was now up to me to come up with a fast, easy and safe way of blending these four herbs – to make a muscle cramp pain remedy that was practical – fast, simple and easy to use

Over the next few months I managed to obtain the exact herbs as specified in the old remedy book – but it wasn’t easy.

You see, herbs are like cars – there are good ones – and there are bad ones.

I tested a lot of these herbs – and it was ONLY the organic, high quality herbs which CONSISTENTLY reduced muscle cramp pain, and these come from the Middle East or Somalia….

Can you imagine how hard it is to import a shipment from the Middle East or Somalia? Anyone would think I was importing guns! To say my ingredient supply is fragile – is a massive understatement….

I called the remedy Foot Cramp Doctor. Right now I have enough for three batches. I make each batch by hand. I measure, weigh and blend the ingredients myself. So do not worry about quality of the herbs, the Foot Cramp Doctor Remedies I make are of the highest quality.

I have handed two of the batches over to my trusted friend Emma Williams. Emma will look after you – but if you have any questions about cramp pain or the remedy, you can write to me personally, at any time.

Best Wishes

Joe Johnson – Herbalist

So you can see, Joe Johnson really did figure it out.

Foot Cramps Homeopathic Remedy

You are not going to see this remedy used or even talked about in your Doctors surgery.

After all, drugs and paraphernalia for cramp pain is a multi-billion dollar industry – they are not going to make room for a simple and safe herbal remedy that will reduce your pain- and improve your movement – and make your life easier – are they?

The implications of this remedy really scares the pants off most Doctors and drug companies – because it means that you can now reduce some of your own cramp problems yourself– without relying on their expensive and often ineffective ‘expertise’.

Foot Cramp Doctor Will Reduce Your Painful Bouts of Cramps – And Get your Old Smile Back On Your Face Again FAST

It is this simple.

  • You can now dramatically reduce the pain from foot cramps – without toxic steroids, health-destroying pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs.Simply massage a few drops of the remedy onto those areas of the feet where you have noticed cramping – and once into your soles at bedtimeIt is that easy.

  • You can now help yourself to move – with less pain – more easily – simply massage a few drops of the remedy onto your painful Foot Cramps – it is that easy.
  • Skip months or even years of expensive and painful visits to the Doctor. (In just two minutes, massaging these highly concentrated herbal extracts onto your painful Foot Cramps – you will begin to move with more confidence and ease).
  • A very simple way to reduce foot cramps pain and your anxiety overnight (sleep well – using an astonishingly powerful blend of herbs – ignored – or even unknown – by 99% of herbalists)

Move like Lightning Through the 3 Stages of Foot Cramps Pain Healing

  1. From desperate ‘Agonizing foot cramping’
  2. To ‘Less foot ramping’ in a few days
  3. To ‘my foot cramping pain is much less than it was!’
    (You’ll be more relaxed – with less pain – before you know it!)

Foot Cramp Doctor was the best thing I ever tried, it is the only thing that has ever worked. My daughter has it too, I have no idea if these things are genetic, but the last time I saw the remedy it was going out the door in her purse! Thanks Emma.

Vivienne K- Springfield

March 10, 2015

Take the 3 Day Foot Cramps Pain Doctor Test

After using this simple remedy for just three days

  • You can FEEL that your Foot Cramps Pain is beginning to become LESS PAINFUL.
  • You can begin to feel your ENERGY RETURNING – (Foot Cramp is not just about agonizing pain – it affects your whole life – you need your ENERGY BACK – drugs will not get you your energy back.)
  • You will be able to SEE in your face that you are looking and feeling so much better!

Unlike Painkillers – Foot Cramp Doctor Has No Terrible Side Effects

Do you ever have?

  • Itchy backside
  • Itchy genitals
  • Blurred vision
  • Hearing difficulties
  • Feelings of exhaustion
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • There are many, many more of these side effects
  • etc. etc.
    These are all common side effects of taking painkillers!

That’s right. Analgesics – or painkillers – that are used for muscle cramp problems will weaken your whole immune system, often causing you to feel exhausted AND you get a yeast infection – (that is a fungus that will instantly breed wherever it is warm and moist on your body.) The Foot Cramp Doctor remedy is applied to your feet only – it is 100% organic – and will not cause you to have a yeast, candida or thrush infection – IT HAS NO SIDE EFFECTS

 This breakthrough remedy is made from concentrated plant extracts – which means that you do not have to prepare any of the herbs – they are ready to use – and you only have to use a TINY AMOUNT.
Just follow the simple instructions – and you will be fine.
The Foot Cramps Pain Doctor Remedy is ready to use.

 So here’s what we’ve got for you: I spoke to Joe on the phone recently and arranged to meet him after a New Natural Remedies lecture he gave in London, England. Joe knows me very well, he knows our site and he knows we have many readers of our newsletter we have who need helping.

Joe Currently Has Only Enough Ingredients To Make Three Batches

This is your chance to a GUARANTEED supply of Foot Cramps Pain Doctor.

Foot Cramps Pain Doctor will give you relief – you will feel much better

Don’t believe me?  


You don’t have to.

Because you don’t risk a penny trying this remedy for yourself. 

Because you have a:


You Have a Complete 90 Day Unconditional

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not convinced that what Joe has for you is the most powerful Foot Cramps Pain Remedy ever discovered – and that you will experience relief quickly and without effort…. then I insist that you send the Foot Cramps Pain Doctor back to me, (in any condition), and I will personally make sure that you get a fast, full refund of every penny you paid for the remedy.

No questions asked, and no hassles.
Your word is gold around here.

Why am I being so generous? You know I love this remedy and I love helping people with their health – but what I also love is getting one over on the Doctors who think they know so much. (If they did, your problem would be cured by now…)

It’s just immensely gratifying to me that our little company, Health Products Business, consistently proves the medical “experts” wrong. And all we do is find 100% natural products, like Foot Cramps Pain Doctor, that really work – a product like Foot Cramps Pain Doctor which is an honest, proven and up-till-now virtually secret remedy for great health.

And if you have ever dreamed of getting your old smile back… yes, you smiling with a pain-free Foot Cramps then you are going to be over the moon with this remedy.

Here’s what to do right now, simply click on the link below:

Foot Cramps Homeopathic Remedy

My staff will scramble to get your remedy to you as fast as possible

What we will send you is a remedy that will bring instant relief to your Foot Cramps Pain – and more long term feet health than you ever dared to dream about.

I had foot cramps driving my truck and it was dangerous. Your oils sorted it out and the remedy is part of my daily life, I apply it to my feet before I put my socks on every morning. I am now cramp free!

Gavin C – Port St Lucie

March 10, 2015

An ‘Avalanche’ of Healing’ Through Your Painful Cramping Foot

Joe calls using the Foot Cramp Doctor like an ‘Avalanche of Healing’ for a very good reason – the way the herbs of Foot Cramp Doctor penetrate your cramping muscles with hard hitting healing herbs – it’s like experiencing an Avalanche of healing support all around your cramping feet.

Lord, this remedy packs a wallop.

You will notice your muscles cramps improving.

Within a few days of using it – you will KNOW you can move easier – with less pain.

You Must Hurry However – Joe Normally Only Gives This Remedy to his Personal Clients

He has never committed a single batch of Foot Cramps Doctor to anyone else before. We were very careful not to let the other herbalists or online stores know what we were up to till we had the stock.

Now we have it, it is going faster than even we imagined.

If you mess around, and order late, you may miss out.

Don’t Let That Happen

This is big, for anyone suffering with Foot Cramps problems… if you truly want to sort out your wretched and painful Foot Cramps injury – and reduce that pain FAST – this remedy will give you the power and ability to heal your own foot – before it is too late.

The result will be that you can move easier and with less pain – giving you a great smile again- allowing you to get on with your life. And isn’t that what great health is all about?

Ok, how much will this hand-made herbal remedy cost you?

Joe Has Agreed to Give You a 50% DISCOUNT on

the Foot Cramps Doctor Remedy

This means that YOU WILL SAVE OVER $280!

(PLUS: Joe is kindly donating to each of our readers an ADDITIONAL GIFT OF FREE BONUS HEALTH BOOKS – value $127 – to the FIRST 100 who tries the Foot Cramp Doctor remedy – see book details below. These bonuses alone are worth more than the cost of the remedy. Thank you Joe).

Joe normally charges his client’s $200 for an appointment – plus $170 for the remedy.

Because you do not have to have an appointment with Joe to get it (and appointments with Joe are very hard to get), Joe has agreed to give you a 50% Discount on the remedy.

This is the first time – and maybe the last time – this Foot Cramp Doctor Remedy has ever been sold for less than $170.

This really is intelligently priced – as $87 is less than the price of a course of anti-inflammatory drugs.

$87 is less than the price of a course of steroids.

It is less than the price of a visit to the Doctor.

And it is certainly less than the price of surgery

Order right now – whilst you are still on this page

Here’s what to do right now, simply click on the link below:

Foot Cramps Homeopathic RemedyAnd remember, you don’t risk a penny.


Emma Williams

I used to get dreadful leg cramps in bed, especially in my left leg. I also had frequent foot cramps. It was so painful and embarrassing, especially when I was out shopping or just walking my dogs, people thought I was a bit strange.

Night times were the worse though, as not sleeping left me feeling very tired the next day. Now, after using your oils I sleep and have no expected onsets of cramp. I will continue to use when needed, and let you know how I get on. Thank you.

Josie M – Oceanside

March 10, 2015

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PPS: Warning: Joe asked that I give away only 100 FREE copies of these books.
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So you had better order now.

Foot Cramps Homeopathic Remedy

Please remember, we only have 2 batches of Foot Cramps Doctor– when they are gone – that’s it – sorry, they are gone. To avoid disappointment, place your order today. And remember, you don’t risk a penny

Natural 100% Pure Organic Ingredients

The ingredients in this remedy are 100% pure, natural herbal extracts.

This remedy does not contain any drugs or other artificial chemicals.

They have been specially selected and sourced for their ability to reduce symptoms and their ability to heal.

The ingredients of this remedy are Syzygium aromaticum, Rosmarinus Officinalis, Pelargonium graveolens, Juniperus Communis and Prunus dulcis.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We do not recommend internal use of herbs without prior consultation with your doctor or herbalist.

Do not use if you are pregnant.