Mouth and Throat Conditions


If your mouth or throat becomes infected, you can suffer from sore throat, loss of voice, hoarse voice, can’t swallow properly, difficulty eating, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis and tonsil stones.

These conditions are caused by parasites that have got passed your weakened immune system.


Emma Williams


These parasites are breeding in your throat because you have a weakness of your immune system.

They can be killed very quickly, but you if you use strong drugs to kill the parasites,
these will weaken your immune system EVEN FURTHER.

These drugs will cause your throat infection to last for weeks or even months.

And your throat problem will come back over and over again.

All of these conditions can be treated very quickly, usually in just a few days.
The trick in treating these conditions is to do it so that the condition does not come back.

This is simple and straight forward; just follow the simple instructions that come with the mouth or throat remedy- your mouth or throat problem will go away very quickly – and it will not come back.

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