Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1: Do the remedies that you recommend really work?
Answer 1: Yes, they do work very well for most people. All the remedies that we recommend have been tested by us personally – and also by the herbalist or manufacturer. We know they really do work for most people, that is why we can offer the full money back guarantee.

Question 2: How long will it take for the remedy to arrive?
Answer 2: We post out your remedy within a few hours of receiving your order. Delivery time varies depending on where you live around the world. It can take from 2 days, up to ten days in very exceptional circumstances. Usually it’s just a couple of days.

Question 3: What are the ingredients of the remedy that I want?
Answer 3: All the ingredients in the remedies are 100% Organic and all the remedies are handmade. If you wish to know the specific ingredients in any remedy, please get in touch and I will send the details to you.

Question 4: Are your remedies a substitute for medical advice or medical treatment?
Answer 4: No. These remedies are my personal selections, recommendations and opinions. If you are suffering from any condition at all, please consult a medical professional. Should you choose to use a natural remedy, please consult your Doctor before doing so.

Question 5: Are the remedies suitable for pregnant women?
Answer 5: No one can predict the effects of any substance on an unborn child, therefore we would not recommend any remedy if you are pregnant.

Question 6: Are the remedies suitable for children?
Answer 6: Most of the remedies are OK with children. However, the following remedies are extremely powerful and may be too strong for a child. Sinus Doctor, Laryngitis Doctor, Sore Throat Doctor, Strep Throat Doctor, Tonsil Doctor. The vapours from these remedies are inhaled. The vapours are very strong and may be too much for a child. I have never known anyone be harmed by any of these remedies, but the choice is yours. Please fully read and follow the disclaimer.

Question 7: Do you have an affiliate programme?
Answer 7: Yes we do. Please go to our affiliate page or drop me an email and I am here to help you.

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